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The Career Medic

Taking the worry out of job search for the over 40s

Are you between jobs or in a job you don’t like?  Not getting to interviews? Don’t know where to start with your job search? 
The Career Medic can help you to:
  • Produce a cover letter and resume that gets you to more interviews

  • Be a confident interviewee with the skills to successfully handle all types of interview

  • Have a social media presence on LinkedIn to support your professional brand, networking and job search

  • Be an effective and fearless networker, tapping into 80% of jobs that are never advertised

With an extensive corporate career in Human Resources, The Career Medic has successfully worked with over 2,000 people just like you and is the right choice to be your partner in job search (See Testimonials).

Contact The Career Medic (Paul Di Michiel) to take the first step to your next job.

For a free, no obligation 15-minute consultation click on Contact or call Paul directly on 0421 697 329.


My name is Paul Di Michiel and I coach job-seekers over 40 in practical and effective job search methodologies including resume preparation, interview skills, LinkedIn and fear-free networking.

I have an honours degree in Psychology plus corporate experience in Australia and overseas in senior Human Resources roles in IT, transport and logistics and manufacturing, for organisations including Federal Express and Orange Business Services. I have also experienced job loss which allows me to identify and empathise with my clients.

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Paul Di Michiel - The Career Medic

In 2013, I moved into the career transition space where I apply my HR skills, corporate insight and personal experiences of job loss. In 2015 I wrote ‘Fired to Hired, The Guide to Effective Job Search for the Over 40s’. Click here. I also contribute to websites, newspapers and radio for articles and commentary on mature-age job-search (See Media).

I am married to Leearne with four adult children (Elise, Edward, Isabella & James), live in rural New South Wales, Australia and enjoy photography.

Take the first step in getting your next job by clicking here.



The Career Medic offers a range of practical and effective job search services including:

Development of effective resumes

The Career Medic can work with you to produce a resume that will give you every opportunity to get to interview…and ultimately a job!  You need to construct your resume with the right structure, format and content that will appeal to – and resonate with – the reader.

Interview skills practice

I have conducted thousands of interviews and now coach job-seekers in strategies on how to confidently and effectively manage job interviews.

If you’d like to improve your interview skills and to give yourself every chance of success, contact me today!

LinkedIn profile development

If you would like The Career Medic to demystify LinkedIn and to help you build a great profile to support your networking and job search strategy, contact me by clicking here.

SPECIAL, SPECIAL, SPECIAL!  For only A$99 The Career Medic will review your LinkedIn profile.

Fear-free networking strategies

The Career Medic provides a fear-free approach to networking that is guaranteed to get your brand into the market and therefore in touch with the so-called ‘hidden job market’.

The old adage of ‘It’s not what you know, but WHO you know’ is absolutely correct!

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BOOK - Fired to Hired 

The Guide to Effective Job Search for the Over 40s

“This is a book written by someone who understands job loss and who can help you with practical and proven guidance to get your next job”

Fired to Hired, The Guide to Effective Job Search for the over 40s’ by Paul Di Michiel (The Career Medic) was formally launched in September 2015 and is an easy-to-read, no-nonsense and practical guide to job search aimed at the over 40s and covers.



I am still smiling that I have gotten such a great new job. Thank you very much for your help with my journey. For me, the meeting with you was the turning point because you gave me so much confidence that I was on the right track. And, of course, you gave me so much information with clear guidance, what kind of mindset I should have for interviews as well as clear instructions what to prepare. Thank you very much again.

Tomoe Teramoto



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