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Cover letters

Do you spend hours or days on cover letters that may not even get read? Find it difficult to put into one page how you fit the requirements of the job?  Want to know what sort of cover letter really works?

Cover letters are still required for most job applications. The purpose of a cover letter is to introduce yourself, explain how you match the key requirements of the job and your willingness to attend an interview.

However, where most cover letters go wrong is that they are too long and the individual receiving it, won’t bother to read it…Especially if it is comprised of 3-4 lengthy paragraphs! On the other hand, an effective cover letter will grab the readers’ interest even after a quick scan and encourage them to review your resume.


The Career Medic can offer an effective cover letter template that matches you to open jobs and increases your opportunity of getting to interview.

Contact The Career Medic for help with your cover letter today.

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