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Fear-free networking

Do you avoid networking because it feels uncomfortable?  
Don’t know how to engage and effectively utilise your network?  
Need help to plan, structure and conduct effective networking meetings?

In job search you can’t solely rely on recruiters and online job boards. Why?  Because everyone else in the market can see – and apply for – these same jobs!   This means there is lots of competition for jobs which are advertised and visible to everyone who is searching for employment.

Over 80% of jobs are not advertised – Yes, 80%!  That being the case, the best way to find these jobs and to be considered for them is to engage, meet with, talk with…Network with….people you know and people they know.


The Career Medic provides a fear-free approach to networking that is guaranteed to get your brand into the market and therefore in touch with the so-called ‘hidden job market’.

The old adage of ‘It’s not what you know, but WHO you know’ is absolutely correct!

Contact The Career Medic today to make networking comfortable and a key leverage point in your job search.

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