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LinkedIn profiles for job search

Are you uncomfortable or unfamiliar with social media?  
Not sure what LinkedIn is or how it can benefit you in job search?  
Ignorant about what an effective LinkedIn profile looks like?

The Career Medic can assist!  LinkedIn has become more popular in recent years as more and more aspects of our daily lives – both personal and professional – gravitate online.  Anyone in a professional or management role should have a LinkedIn profile for these 3 reasons:


1. Communicates your professional image or brand effectively to anyone who ‘searches’ for you online.  How do you want to be seen online?

2. Facilitates networking by giving visibility to a broader range of contacts beyond people you know.  Do you want to expand your network and therefore the opportunity of tapping into the hidden job market where 80% of jobs are not advertised?

3. LinkedIn is one of the major online job boards, with many great roles advertised on it and you can only access if you are on LinkedIn.

If you would like The Career Medic to demystify LinkedIn and to help you build a great profile to support your networking and job search strategy, contact me by clicking here.

SPECIAL, SPECIAL, SPECIAL!  For only A$99 The Career Medic will review your LinkedIn profile and offer suggestions to improve it to allow you to be found by recruiters.  Click here to arrange.

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