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Great resumes mean more interviews

Is your resume failing to get you to interviews? 

A strong resume:

  • Conveys your professional background clearly and effectively

  • Should be brief, concise and achievements-based (It’s what you’ve contributed in past roles that really counts)

  • Is ‘reader-friendly’

  • Match the requirements of the role

  • …and most importantly, ensures you will get to more interviews than you are attending today!


This fundamental – yet critical – document should grab the readers’ attention, encouraging them to meet with you to discuss what you’ve achieved during your career in more detail.

The Career Medic can work with you to produce a resume that will give you every opportunity to get to interview…and ultimately a job!  You need to construct your resume with the right structure, format and content that will appeal to – and resonate with – the reader who has the power to determine whether you continue in the selection process or not.

Don’t delay, contact The Career Medic today.

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