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What Our Clients Say

Following my redundancy from a Senior IT Management role in 2014 I had the good fortune of engaging Paul as my career consultant.  He coached and mentored me through this career transition phase by ensuring that my approach to finding my new role followed a disciplined and targetted process.
Through Paul’s guidance I was able to accurately assess my skill set, the value that I bring to the work place, and identify the industries that I wanted to target for future opportunities.  Paul helped me to develop a professional resume and LinkedIn profile, and he provided me with the tools and networking techniques which enabled me to take control of my career transition.
I have since secured a position of choice in a targeted industry, in a prefered location.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul as a career consultant.

Clive Ford

When I returned to Australia earlier this year at the age of 58 and after an absence of 18 years, I was frankly overwhelmed by the changes that had occurred in the workplace, not to mention the world of job-search technology. Having only held 2 long-term positions in my working life, the prospect of competing with a young and educated workforce and interviewing again were daunting. Luckily, I chanced across Paul’s company and met with him to discuss my situation.
Paul is approachable, friendly and extremely personable; he also has a wealth of knowledge and experience and was able to calmly and methodically guide me through the challenges I was facing. He showed me where to start, how to use job-search technology, how to highlight my skills and present myself, both online and through a concise résumé, and, importantly, how to network effectively and draw on others to assist me in my search. He helped me prepare for the dreaded interviews and how to answer employers’ questions and put myself at ease. The whole experience was calming; he helped restore my self-confidence and showed me how to put myself back in control of my future. I cannot recommend him too highly, especially to people finding themselves in my position, late in their career path.

Ian Yapp

I worked with Paul during my career transition from a leadership role in Corporate Australia into Teaching as a profession. Paul has been a great coach. This included roles as a sounding board, supporter barracking me along and also challenger.  As many know, when you go through a career change it’s both an exciting, and at times a scary ride. My coaching with Paul supported me through this ride providing me positive feedback and support when required and importantly challenging me to think of options and go for outcomes in the transition. Thanks Paul for all your support.

Rob Magner

Social Science Teacher, Loreto Kirribilli

Paul and I worked together on my key career credentials. We all have access to forms and templates from a variety of sources. Paul goes beyond this by combining and tailoring your specific skills and experiences into a concise and personal portrayal. By asking probing questions and then translating your words into a market standard you arrive at your goal. You own and are proud of a declaration that accurately reflects you and your career history.  His professionalism is evident by his punctuality, conciseness and his focus on arriving at the end product in a quick period of time. I would encourage you to use his services, which is distilled from a distinguished career in HR…

Patrick Hayden

Senior Manager, Treasury. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) Sydney

Paul and I worked together through an important career transition for me.  He’s a wonderful coach. Paul really knows his stuff! He helps build practical knowledge and skills about how to approach the marketplace which gave me more confidence. I was also able to get clearer about what I really wanted and what was possible. It’s important to have good information, resilience, confidence and a sense of purpose when you’re looking for your next gig. Paul helped me access all these things and a sense of humour about it all! Thanks Paul.

Renee Neely

Change Management Consultant

I had the pleasure in having Paul as my Career Transition “coach” during my redundancy period. Being the first redundancy I had experienced in 35 years in my working life, it was difficult to accept. I was extremely blessed to have Paul as my “life coach” who really provided me with such valuable instruction and support.
Not only did he examine and drive my professional direction to get back into the workforce, but importantly, gave me invaluable support in my personal handling of that dreaded work redundancy.  I am not trying to be over the top here but Paul’s experience in the workplace as a Senior HR Manager really helped me along the way. He also contacted me every so often to see how I was progressing, giving that nudge from a distance to support my employment efforts.

I am pleased to say that today I started my new Senior Management role back in my International Logistics arena, and I truly have Paul to thank for his excellent support and guidance.  Paul, I say thank you for all your support.

Greg Johnson

I am still smiling that I have gotten such a great new job. Thank you very much for your help with my journey. For me, the meeting with you was the turning point because you gave me so much confidence that I was on the right track. And, of course, you gave me so much information with clear guidance, what kind of mindset I should have for interviews as well as clear instructions what to prepare. Thank you very much again.

Tomoe Teramoto

Financial Analyst

When I met Paul my role had just been made redundant and I hadn’t been for an interview in nearly a decade. My confidence was not high and neither were my expectations.   I was pleasantly surprised at Paul’s empathy and it really helped that he had been through a similar experience himself.  He was very personable, while being totally professional. Thanks to his one on one coaching I received two job offers from four interviews. He taught me how to network and search to find jobs that interested me; how to prepare for interviews so I could approach them with confidence and ready answers to any question.  I would thoroughly recommend Paul to anyone seeking a new job or change in career.  He equipped me well to run the gauntlet of job seeking and I consider him a mentor and friend.

Pauline Finch

OHS/Administration professional

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Paul both professionally and personally for a number of years. With an in depth Human Resources and Corporate background that includes 13 years experience working overseas both in Singapore and the UK, Paul is very approachable, organised and with an empathetic, understanding personal style that is balanced with positive drive and direction that will enable you to reach your personal career goals.  Having experienced job loss and the job search process first hand, a pragmatic approach and genuine understanding of the challenges you may encounter, Paul is ideally placed to coach you through your own career transition. I have no reservation in recommending Paul during career transition or for guidance in any aspect of career development.

Tim Sturt

Packaging Technology Specialist

Having to prepare myself for career transition after 20 years with one company was a daunting thought for me.  Having Paul Di Michiel as my career coach absolutely made this period easier and more manageable. Paul was positive and reassuring whilst being honest and practical at the same time.  His experience and thought process combined with his ability to listen to my story, digest it and remodel my professional profile was critical in developing my action plan. Paul’s personal traits and industry knowledge is a winning recipe.

Richard Mills

Membership & Database Manager, Men of League Foundation

Paul Di Michiel is an excellent career coach and was invaluable in helping me making a career transition, then finding and securing the right opportunity. Paul kept me positive, but more importantly focused on moving forward. He had a down to earth and practical approach to career transition and job search – he wasn’t afraid to give me confronting feedback when needed. During my sessions with him I consciously noticed my interview skills improve – critical to me securing the current role I’m in at CommBank. I would gladly recommend Paul’s services to anyone in a similar position or looking for career guidance in general.

Haren Krishnadasun

At 23, it is reasonable to say that I am fairly new to the workforce and as of September 2014, I had just reached the 12 month mark working at a marketing agency on the Sunshine Coast.  Wanting to further my professional development and stretch out of my comfort zone, I made the decision to start looking for work elsewhere.  Fortunate to call The Career Medic my father, he readily helped me restructure my resume and assisted in preparing me for job interviews. In fact, as soon as my resume had been updated – I was shocked at the responses which came flooding in almost straight away.

I spent my spare time actively reading his blog, which helped me stay motivated and clue into the tips and tricks of the recruitment process! He gave me a bank of invaluable information and advice that I would never have known without his help.

There is no doubt that his care and assistance was the reason I  secured an amazing role as a Marketing Executive at a globally renowned company only a few weeks later.  I anticipate I’ll enjoy a fantastic career here – and I have nobody to thank except for The Career Medic. Thank you so much, Dad! X  

Elise Di Michiel
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